Need to find a gift for a cyclist? The bicycle experts at Crofton Bike Doctor are here to help you.

On our web site we have a great page with gift ideas for items under $80. Here we are going to cover some ideas under $80 that aren’t on the list and items over $80. Check with your cyclist to see if they have a Wish List on our site. If they do your shopping just got a whole lot easier. If all else fails we offer Gift Cards in any amount you would like.

Many people think the challenge in gift buying for cyclists is that the cyclists has everything. Many of us do but there are certain things a cyclist can never have enough of. Then there are the things the cyclists’ wants but often won’t treat themselves to. Some of the items fall into both of the categories.

Cyclist Gift Ideas:

We’ll start with a cycling gift that makes a great stocking stuffer or gift, nutrition products. Nutrition products are gels/chewables, bars, drinks and supplements. Single serve nutrition items start at just over a dollar and progress on up from there. These products give the cyclist the energy they need to finish their ride. A cyclist can never have to much nutrition on hand. A favorite of our customers are the Honey Stinger waffles. You can mix and match the flavors and the brands to make your own little care basket of nutrition for the cyclist. My favorite way to gift nutrition is to create a “gift basket” using a water bottle as the “basket”.

Can you ever have to many pairs of socks? Sock technology has come a long way. They are an important element of the cyclist kit because they provide support for your feet and manage moisture. My favorite brand of socks by far is Swift Wick. They are a compression sock that offers unparallelled support and comfort for your feet. Read Ernest’s longer review here.

Lots of cyclists own cycling shorts many don’t make the investment in a jersey. This is why a jersey can be a perfect gift for the cyclist.  The jersey plays a key role in moisture management, keeping you dry and not causing you to dehydrate because you are over perspiring. The body judges its temperatures in many ways and one of them is by how much moisture is on the skin. Jerseys are made for different seasons of riding and come in different colors which is why the cyclist can never have to many jerseys. This cycling gift will start around $50 and progress on up from there.

A good pair of cycling shorts is critical to the success of a ride. The contact points at the saddle, pedals and handlebars are the key areas for the comfort of the cyclists with the shorts making the most difference. With having to be washed after each use having a collection of cycling shorts is never a bad thing. Shorts start in the $40 range. For the casual cyclist we carry baggy shorts that have a padded liner and will offer the cyclist a lot more comfort then if they wore regular shorts. The most comfortable style of cycling short for the road cyclist is a cycling bib. Many cyclists are reluctant to purchase them for themselves but once they try them they’ll never wear anything else.

Once the weather cools down many cyclists put away their bicycles until the warm weather returns. For the cyclist who wants to maintain their fitness level through the cooler months there are two options. One is to invest in the proper cycling apparel. The other is to invest in an indoor trainer. Indoor trainers allow you to ride your bicycle in the warmth of your own home. Offering you perfect training weather year around for those hot days, cold days or days that are to wet and you just don’t want to venture outside. Trainers start at about $160 and progress on up from there. With the advancement of technology the rider can ride their favorite course or explore rides in far away countries. We currently have a PowerBeam trainer set up in the store, stop by to take it for a spin or wait for our review to be posted here soon. Want to learn a little more about what makes a great indoor training space? Check out Ernest’s blog.

Cycling computers have come a long way in just a few years. A wealth of data and information about your ride is now right at your finger tips. Computers with GPS units built in are just full of information. The Garmin 200 starts at $149. Other models offer options such as heart rate monitors, cadence and navigational features to name a few.

We hope this helps and we look forward to helping you select the perfect gift for the cyclists.