“After a little over a year from buying my bike at Crofton Bike Doctor I am even more convinced that my bike FIT was

Andrew Sink Fitting Alice

Andrew Sink Fitting Alice

critical to me making not just a good purchase, but a great purchase. This was my second bike purchase since I started racing in Triathlons, my first was a great bike but I just went by my own feel when I tested it. I noticed that especially on flat courses, where you do not change position often, I would get various aches and pains (e.g. lower back, sometimes my legs would get stiff). After racing my first Ironman I decided before I raced again for my second Ironman I was going to upgrade my bike. I found Crofton Bike Dr from taking winter bike classes at the store and really became comfortable working with them. Andrew Sink did my FIT, it took more than 2 hours with all the measurements but he determined not only my best positioning on a my bike but what bike fit my frame best. That alone saved me money because I had been told by friends to take advantage of a special of a bike deal being offered on the internet and I am glad I didn’t listen to them because I found out that brand was not a good fit for my body. The bike I ended up with was so easy to adjust to it felt like it had been made for me and I was comfortable on long rides right from the start. Due to that comfort and correct positioning my speed increased and I am getting more in touch with my potential in cycling. You do not need to be a competitor to need a FIT, you only need to want your bike to be the correct size for you and to be totally comfortable on those long rides. After a year with my bike and FIT I can say I am convinced it is the smartest way to go whether you are purchasing a new bike or just making yours more comfortable.”

Alice Spriesterbach – Ironman Triathlete – used with permission.

Bike: Speed Concept 9 Series

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