For the 2014 year Trek redefined/renamed the warranty coverage offered with a purchase of a new Trek bike.  All Trek’s come with Trek Care which covers:

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty  –  frame for the lifetime of the original owner
  • 2 Years Limited Warranty  –  original Bontrager forks, parts and components
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty – paint and decals
  • Trek Care Loyalty Program

There are a few exceptions to the warranty coverage as it applies to mountain bikes and their components. You can see all of the Trek Care Information here.

Important Note: There are no real big changes in the warranty coverage that comes with the purchase of every Trek bike. Trek Care defines it and brands it clearly and simply. You do need to register your bike, which we can do in store for you. Or have a proof of purchase should you need any of the coverage Trek Care provides.

Of course all of the bicycles purchased from us come with Lifetime Basic Adjustments in addition to the manufactures warranty.

What we are excited about is Trek just launched a new coverage program for their bicycles. Trek Care Plus. There are TrekCareseveral things we love about this new program:

  • Accidental Damage Coverage
  • It covers Wear and Tear
  • It offers you coverage from day one

Trek Care Plus is not included with bicycle purchase but may be purchased with your new Trek bicycle or within 60 days of your purchase giving you three years of coverage. Trek Care Plus offers you wheel-to-wheel coverage that includes:

  • Wheels – spokes, rims, hubs and quick releases
  • Crank – pedals, crank arms, chain rings and bottom bracket
  • Suspension – front and rear components
  • Drive Train – front and rear derailleurs, freewheel/cassette, chain and shifters
  • Brakes – levers, cables and calipers (pads not included)
  • Other – Saddle, seat post, handlebars, stems and headset

All of the Trek Care Plus information is here.

Basically most of your bike is covered accept for tires, tubes and brake pads and regular maintenance. The investment you have made in your bike is substantial and what a great way to protect it. If you have an accident and your bike or one (or more) of the components are damaged, you are covered.  The most exciting area of the coverage is the Wear and Tear Coverage. Components that are the most likely to wear out in that three year period are the chain, cassette and chain rings. Trek Care Plus covers the replacement of these components and the labor to do so. So you have no out of pocket expenses. All you have to do is bring you bicycle to us, we are a participating Trek Care Plus retailer and your proof of purchase and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.