by Ernest Freeland

Purchasing a Christmas Gift or Holiday gift or just a gift for the cyclist can often times feel a little daunting. It doesn’t have to be. Below we have listed some great gift ideas to get you started. You can do some research to see what the cyclist has and ask us any questions you may have.

  1. Tools – Bike Cleaning Supplies – Repair Stands – A clean bike is a happy bike. A repair stand makes it much easier to work on and clean the bicycle and is a great way to store a bike if you have the space. A wide variety of cleaning products and tools are available to make cleaning your bicycle even easier. Special brushes to get in those hard to reach places, like in between the gears, there is even floss available to clean the cassette.
  2. Socks – You can never have to many pairs of socks. My personal favorites are Swiftwick socks. They offer your feet great support via compression. Great as a gift or a stocking stuffer. Read a review I wrote here.
  3. Gloves – they wear out they get nasty and need to be replaced on a regular basis. If your cyclist doesn’t have gloves they will offer them greater comfort and protect their hands in case of a spill.
  4. Jersey’s – it is just more comfortable to wear a jersey when riding. Other benefits are they help manage moisture, body heat and have pockets to stash stuff in. Many cyclists own cycling shorts but haven’t experienced the beauty of a cycling jersey. Jersey’s come in different cuts and fits so be sure to consider that when selecting a jersey.
  5. Electronics – Garmin and Heart Rate Monitors – Cycling electronics have come so far in the last few years. There is a wealth of data and information you can capture about your ride. The most popular devices now are GPS enable units that tell you where you road, how much you climbed how fast you did it and much, much more. Pair these tools with some of the on-line apps that help you track your rides and your friends riding and there is a whole new level of enjoyment. Heart Rate Monitors are super reasonable and a great tool to track how you are doing.
  6. Nutrition – these make great stocking stuffers. For rides longer than an hour and a half in duration cyclist will need to be consuming calories to perform at their best. Gels, blocks, waffles and drink samples make perfect gifts for the cyclist. Once a cyclist figures out their nutritional needs they will enter a whole new level of performance.
  7. Shorts – never can a cyclist have enough pairs of shorts. There are baggy shorts for the casual and recreational cyclist and of course the traditional short. Shorts will have compression to increase the comfort, antimicrobial pads with multiple densities.
  8. Tires – these are a relatively inexpensive way to improve the ride quality and performance. Tires wear out, become more prone to flats and don’t handle as well as the miles increase.
  9. Tubes – another great stocking stuffer item. A cyclist will always have a need for spare tubes. You’ll need to know the size and type of valve.
  10. Gift Certificates – if all else fails there is always the Gift Certificate. Want to jazz up the Gift Certificate? Pair it with nutrition products, socks or tubes.