DumondeTech1Dumonde Tech lubricant is quickly becoming a favorite among the shop staff. Rick has been advocating that we carry Dumonde Tech as it is his personal favorite. A few months ago we received our first shipment. We are rapidly seeing why it’s his favorite. Steven likes the fact that “it’s very clean, other lubes turn everything black and oily”

Rick said with his old lube he used to “clean his chain weekly or every other week, with Dumonde that need is almost eliminated” Now to keep the chain clean Rick recommends to just wipe off the dirty lube between applications no need to reapply.

One issue we have seen in the past with other dry lubes is that with overuse they can destroy the chain. That is not an issue with Dumonde Tech

Here is what Dumonde says makes their lube superior:

  • Liquid plastic forms long-lasting coat on all chain surfaces
  • “Riding in” forms an extremely low-friction plating
  • Plating bonds to chain; can’t be washed off
  • Components stay cleaner, last longer, run quieter
  • Extremely durable, outlasts all other chain lubes
  • Use less, last longer, saves you money

Dumonde Tech is offered in Lite and Original BCL. The Lite is as its name says, less concentrated. The original is more concentrated and there for more durable. The company recommends the Lite for road riding and the Original for mountain biking which our experience with using it agrees with their recommendation.

If you are looking for a lubricant that runs quiet, leaves your chain clean and is lower maintenance without sacrificing performance we recommend that you check out Dumonde Tech.