arm warmersCooler weather means more clothing. As the temperatures drop or when it rises it is always about layers; the easiest way to regulate your temperature. A great piece for this; arm warmers. Recently we sold a pair to one of our regulars. A few days later he came back and mentioned how much of a difference the arm warmers made. He said “I never realized how cold my forearms were and these made a huge difference”.  Many will start to use arm warmers when the temps dip in the 50’s and some wear them in the low 60’s.


Some of the benefits of the arm warmers:

  • Like the name says they keep your arms warm.
  • They don’t flap in the wind like a lightweight jacket.
  • Easy to remove the layer, some people even do so while riding. (do so at your own risk)
  • Small and easily stowed in your jersey pocket

If you don’t own a pair consider adding them to your clothing collection.