After having trained all season and with the cooler weather of fall many riders choose to tackle a longer organized ride. Being prepared and having the right stuff will make your ride even more enjoyable.
Here are a few things to help you be prepared.
Bicycle Inspection:
1.) Do the brakes function properly? What are the condition of the

Rick Truing a Wheel

brake pads? Are they free of debris?

2.) Are the wheels true, do the spokes have proper tension?
3.) Tires – are there cuts and damage to the tread? Are the sidewalls in good shape?
4.) Drivetrain – Do your gears shift properly? Is your drivetrain clean and properly lubricated?
5.) Check the condition of your shifting and brake cables. Are they frayed or damaged?
6.) Check to make sure everything is tight – headset, bottom bracket hubs, stem, handlebar and seatpost.
7.) Computer – is the battery fully charged? Is it working properly?
If you have any questions please give us a call or stop by we are happy to help.
What to bring:
Do you have everything needed to fix a flat tire? Even if you may not be able to fix a flat (stop by we will be happy to teach you) if you have the right items another cyclist will be able to assist you.
1.) Spare tube.
2.) Patch kit
3.) Tire levers
4.) Inflation device – a pump or CO2 system
5.) Spare CO2 Cartridges if you use a CO2 system.
6.) A bag to carry the items in.
Most rides have well stocked rest stops. It is still a good idea to bring along some of your favorite nutrition products in case you don’t like what they offer or you get hungry between stops. It is often over looked but nutrition is the key factor in being able to complete longer rides. Proper fueling makes for an easier ride.
Personal Items:
1.) Your ID.

Chamois Butter
Chamois Cream
2.) Money
3.) Sun screen
4.) Helmet
5.) Cycling shorts, jersey, gloves and sunglasses.
6.) Extra clothing for cooler weather in the morning or afternoon. Jacket, warmers arms and legs.
7.) Waterbottles
8.) Chamois Cream – can greatly increase your comfort while riding.
9.) Ride registration
10.) Cell phone – Is it charged?