by Ernest Freeland

Part One

Today you have many options of where to purchase your new bicycle but the local bike shop is still the clear choice.

The bicycle is not something that you just pull out of the box and it is ready to go, like your new baseball bat or soccer ball. A lot of human input is needed to perfect your ride, first it needs to be assembled and then fit to its rider. A properly fit bike is like your favorite pair of shoes, you can wear them all day, so in the case of your bicycle you can ride it all day. To many people have memories of bicycle riding that wasn’t comfortable. With the help of your local bike shop that doesn’t have to be the case.

Your local bike shop is full of people who love bikes and love to ride bikes and they bring that passion to work with them every day. They will discuss your cycling goals, needs, your riding style any injuries you may have. With that information they will help you select the perfect bicycle for you. Once you have picked out our new bike the local bike shop (LBS for short) will perform a very important step, fitting you and your bicycle to each other.

As you continue to develop as a cyclist your local bike shop will be there to share your journey; answering your questions, letting you know about all of the great places to ride, teaching you how to maintain your bike and educating you on everything you need to know. Many of my friends today are people I first met in a bike shop. The purchase decisions we make today require a lot of pre purchase support and that is no different with a bike. The journey is just beginning with the purchase and not only is your local shop the best choice for pre purchase support but also post purchase support and education. Who better to learn the ins and out of cycling from experts who live the sport of cycling?

Come back tomorrow and we will share our Top 10 Reasons to Buy from your Local Bike Shop.