The draw to save money can be big. Shopping from the comfort of your home can be a factor. There are six things we think you should consider when deciding on how and where you are going to purchase your new bike.

  • You know what you are getting
  • Fit
  • Assembly
  • Service
  • Trade In
  • We support your community

You Know What You are Getting

When you shop locally you can see it, feel it, touch it and even ride it.  If something costs less then something else there is likely a reason. It could be the quality of the construction. The substitution of cheaper parts that won’t work as well or last as long as another part. The amount of support could be different, from the post sale support to warranty coverage to follow up services. Saving money upfront may not mean that the item you have actually purchased is going to cost you less. 
Just because one model may work for others it doesn’t mean it is right for you. You may have different needs and wants.  What works for one may not work for you. Can you really tell if the bike is going to work for you by a review?


You’ll know it is the right size. Fit is key to having a comfortable bike to ride. Not all bikes fit the same.
 A bicycle is not like other sports equipment. A baseball, soccer ball, a bat to name a few, work the way the manufacture designed out of the box. They differ from a bicycle that requires assembly and adjustment to your body to be comfortable. 
While you might have a primary size of shoe you wear, I doubt every shoe is the same size in your closet. Different uses require different fits in shoes. Same for the bicycle. Not every bike is going to fit the same way and the fit of your bicycle is going to be essential to how comfortable you are during your ride and how the bicycle handles.


Assembly by a professional bike mechanic ensures your bike is properly adjusted and ready to ride when you pick it up. 
Over my 25 plus years in bicycle retail I have seen all sorts of bicycles improperly assembled. Much of it down right unsafe to ride.


Most local shops provide a service package of some kind with a new bike purchase. It is normal for new bikes to experience a break in period and need a little attention after several rides.

Trade In

When the bike is outgrown bring it back to us and we will trade it in towards a new bike. Then fix it up and get it to a new happy owner. Keeping it out of the landfill and putting some money back in your pocket.

We support your community

As members of the community we make donations to local community organizations, speak to local groups about cycling and participate in organizations to increase cycling opportunities and access in our community. We ride where you ride and use that knowledge to help you choose the right bike for the riding you want to do.

Cost you might not have considered

Having the bicycle properly assembled will add to the cost. Having to change stuff out to make the bike comfortable after your purchase will cost extra. Getting the bike fit to you will add cost to the bicycle. Follow up adjustments after your bicycles break in period while normal will cost money for online purchase. Much of these services are included when making a purchase from your local bike shop.

So give your local bike shop an opportunity to earn your business. You’ll likely be glad you did.