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I’ve had this blog in my mind and even outlined for some time. The original plan was to post this in January but here we are in March. Better late than never right?

Ironically I wrote this on the first full day of spring in a snowstorm. Yet unlike January consistent good cycling days are right around the corner.

It is always a good thing to look back at the previous season or year of any activity and think about what worked and what didn’t work for you. Cycling is no different. A new year should mean more adventures and more fun.

So over the next few blogs we are going to dive into just that. The goal should be to make this year even more fun than last year. Plus if you have things to look forward to it makes it even easier to stay motivated for those things. I don’t know about you but I always am happier and stay a little more focused when I know my next activity, event or vacation.

Creating a plan makes everything easier. You know what you have to look forward to. You think about it once and then you know you are going to get to do what you want to do.

It is always a good idea to ask yourself some questions to help make your next year of riding even better.

So the first question is:

What worked and what didn’t?

Obviously you want to keep doing more of what worked and address the areas that didn’t.

If it is a ride that is easy – just don’t do it again. Simple I know.

Before the climb. Tucson trip November 2017 Mt Lemmon

Memories from great rides last a lifetime!

What were your favorite rides? Do you want to do them again?

Most organized rides happen on the same weekend each year. Look them up mark your calendar and register early to save some money. Then invite some friends come along and ride with you. Riding with friends and family members is always more fun.

What came easy?

It is likely you’ll want to continue doing more of this. Make sure you keep it in the plan for your year. The easy stuff elevates the fun factor for your cycling.

Did you ride enough? – Mileage Goals – Do you track your rides?

Planning your riding season early and getting the rides on the calendar is the first step to making sure you get the rides in you want and don’t miss anything.

If you have a mileage goal which I know many people do. Do you have enough time to meet that goal with the riding you do?

Sometimes it is hard to find the extra time but if you include riding in stuff you already do you can often find extra time.

When you hang out with friends what do you do?

Could you do that on a ride on the local bike trail? You can still talk and maybe you stop for lunch or food along the way. Could you commute a few days a week to work? You’ll arrive at work more energized for sure. Maybe you couldn’t ride both ways. My Uncle used to rideshare with a friend. They would drive in together and then one of them would ride their bike home, taking turns driving. That way they arrived for work clean and ready to work and had the ride home to look forward to. They would leave their cloths in the office and then bring everything home on Friday. Many offices have locker rooms making riding round trip even easier.

Finding local group rides, typically weekly, is a great way to meet new people to ride with and to increase your riding mileage.

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“After a little over a year from buying my bike at Crofton Bike Doctor I am even more convinced that my bike FIT was

Andrew Sink Fitting Alice

Andrew Sink Fitting Alice

critical to me making not just a good purchase, but a great purchase. This was my second bike purchase since I started racing in Triathlons, my first was a great bike but I just went by my own feel when I tested it. I noticed that especially on flat courses, where you do not change position often, I would get various aches and pains (e.g. lower back, sometimes my legs would get stiff). After racing my first Ironman I decided before I raced again for my second Ironman I was going to upgrade my bike. I found Crofton Bike Dr from taking winter bike classes at the store and really became comfortable working with them. Andrew Sink did my FIT, it took more than 2 hours with all the measurements but he determined not only my best positioning on a my bike but what bike fit my frame best. That alone saved me money because I had been told by friends to take advantage of a special of a bike deal being offered on the internet and I am glad I didn’t listen to them because I found out that brand was not a good fit for my body. The bike I ended up with was so easy to adjust to it felt like it had been made for me and I was comfortable on long rides right from the start. Due to that comfort and correct positioning my speed increased and I am getting more in touch with my potential in cycling. You do not need to be a competitor to need a FIT, you only need to want your bike to be the correct size for you and to be totally comfortable on those long rides. After a year with my bike and FIT I can say I am convinced it is the smartest way to go whether you are purchasing a new bike or just making yours more comfortable.”

Alice Spriesterbach – Ironman Triathlete – used with permission.

Bike: Speed Concept 9 Series

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