by Ernest Freeland

One of the highlights of a day at Crofton Bike Doctor is when a child gets a new bike. Their smiles are always memorable. We all remember our first bicycle. We know that getting a child on a properly fit bicycle that works is opening a new world of freedom to them.

Having your child on a bike that fits them properly, is easy for them to pedal and operate, and is the key to them having a great time riding their bike. All to often we see families that come to us because their child is struggling to learn how to ride. In many cases they are riding a bike that is to small or doesn’t fit them. Once we get them on the properly sized and fitted bicycle they are quickly riding on two wheels.

Kids grow and in our experience a bicycle typically last them about three years before they out grow them. So we offer a Youth Trade Up Program. The Youth Trade Up Program reduces the total cost of ownership of the bicycle while ensuring they are riding a properly sized bicycle. It is important to us that children are always riding the properly sized bicycle for their comfort and safety.

The Details:

Youth Trade Up Program

When you buy a new youth bike (24” wheel or less) from Crofton Bike Doctor we’ll give you up to 40% back of the original purchase price, in trade, when you’re ready to buy their next bike. This offer is good up to three years after the original bike purchase and is valid on trade-in for a larger bike. Just bring us the original sales receipt and your child’s old bike in reasonable, rideable condition.


Not only is there a trade up program but there are some other great things that come with each children’s bicycle purchased from the Crofton Bike Doctor. Each bicycle is professionally assembled by one of our Tech Center Mechanics. Unfortunately it is a regular occurrence that we see improperly assembled bicycles in the shop. Often times these assembly errors make the bicycle hard to ride or even worse unsafe to ride. These bicycles are all built with quality components that will last longer and make the bike easier to ride. One feature, strong and durable training wheels that hold up to the daily rigors of a child riding. All of this means fewer trips to the bicycle shop for mom and dad and more riding time for your child.

Each of the bicycles we offer has the appropriately sized components. What does that mean? It means that each of the components like the grips and saddles are sized appropriately for the intended rider. Adjustable reach brake levers that are size appropriate make for easier braking and more control for the rider. These bicycles are also designed to be size appropriate so the rider feels a part of the bike and in control of it, making it more fun and easier to ride. A feature that Trek pays attention to in all of their bikes but especially in children’s bicycles is the weight. A few pounds for a small rider makes a big difference in how easy it is for them to handle the bicycle. Think about the additional weight as a percentage of the riders body weight and how much weight that same percentage would add to your bike. An average six year old is 45 pounds four extra pounds in their bicycle is almost ten percent of their body weight. For a hundred and fifty pound adult that is the same as adding fifteen pounds to their bicycle. How much fun would it be to ride your bicycle if it is fifteen pounds heavier?

It is these features and the quality that mean all of the bikes we sell have a lifespan of much longer then the three years most children will use the bike. Another reason we offer the Youth Trade In Program. We would be honored if we could help you get your child on their next bicycle.