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Looking for an upgrade that will increase your speed and improve your ride? Wheels! Wheels offer a big return on your investment. These are often an overlooked component when selecting a bike and are usually not spec’d to the quality of the rest of the bike. Stock wheels are generally heavier and more basic so they will last longer for the manufacturer. You don’t have to sacrifice quality and durability on your wheels.

Upgraded wheels can be:

  • Stiffer – Climb better, more power transferred to the bike
  • More Aerodynamic – Faster with less effort
  • Roll Better – More comfortable ride, less resistance
  • Accelerate faster
  • Lighter Weight – Climb better

Aerodynamic features of the wheels can be more important then weight from a performance standpoint at certain speeds.


Want to upgrade your bike and gains some speed? Wheels are a great place to do it. Plus they make your bike look really cool, or at least more personalized to you. Another great thing about wheels is that in many cases they can move to your new bike when you decide to make an upgrade. There are a ton of factors when selecting a new wheel for your ride. So 07936_A_1_Race_XXX_Lite_TLR_Disc_29.pngmany you could spend hours and hours discussing and learning about it. Your riding style is going to play a huge factor in the type of wheel that is going to be best for you. A person who is interested in climbing faster would benefit from a lighter wheel in most cases but not necessarily all. Yet a road cyclist who wants to go fast may benefit from a heavier wheel then they currently ride but one that is more aero. The advantages of the aerodynamics will offset increased weight. Something else that one needs to consider and look at when selecting a wheel is the speed that you will be riding at. Many of the numbers that you see reported are at speeds that many of us can’t maintain for an extended period. While there is a lot to consider wheels are always a great item to upgrade because the performance benefits are huge.

Note – This is part of a series we  will be sharing that Ernest wrote about cycling accessories and components. While they aren’t intended to be full on “Buyers Guides”  We do hope they will help you with things to consider when thinking about them or to view them a little differently. Then in future post we will dive deeper into each one of these.