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After having trained all season and with the cooler weather of fall many riders choose to tackle a longer organized ride. Being prepared and having the right stuff will make your ride even more enjoyable.
Here are a few things to help you be prepared.
Bicycle Inspection:
1.) Do the brakes function properly? What are the condition of the

Rick Truing a Wheel

brake pads? Are they free of debris?

2.) Are the wheels true, do the spokes have proper tension?
3.) Tires – are there cuts and damage to the tread? Are the sidewalls in good shape?
4.) Drivetrain – Do your gears shift properly? Is your drivetrain clean and properly lubricated?
5.) Check the condition of your shifting and brake cables. Are they frayed or damaged?
6.) Check to make sure everything is tight – headset, bottom bracket hubs, stem, handlebar and seatpost.
7.) Computer – is the battery fully charged? Is it working properly?
If you have any questions please give us a call or stop by we are happy to help.
What to bring:
Do you have everything needed to fix a flat tire? Even if you may not be able to fix a flat (stop by we will be happy to teach you) if you have the right items another cyclist will be able to assist you.
1.) Spare tube.
2.) Patch kit
3.) Tire levers
4.) Inflation device – a pump or CO2 system
5.) Spare CO2 Cartridges if you use a CO2 system.
6.) A bag to carry the items in.
Most rides have well stocked rest stops. It is still a good idea to bring along some of your favorite nutrition products in case you don’t like what they offer or you get hungry between stops. It is often over looked but nutrition is the key factor in being able to complete longer rides. Proper fueling makes for an easier ride.
Personal Items:
1.) Your ID.

Chamois Butter
Chamois Cream
2.) Money
3.) Sun screen
4.) Helmet
5.) Cycling shorts, jersey, gloves and sunglasses.
6.) Extra clothing for cooler weather in the morning or afternoon. Jacket, warmers arms and legs.
7.) Waterbottles
8.) Chamois Cream – can greatly increase your comfort while riding.
9.) Ride registration
10.) Cell phone – Is it charged?


For the 2014 year Trek redefined/renamed the warranty coverage offered with a purchase of a new Trek bike.  All Trek’s come with Trek Care which covers:

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty  –  frame for the lifetime of the original owner
  • 2 Years Limited Warranty  –  original Bontrager forks, parts and components
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty – paint and decals
  • Trek Care Loyalty Program

There are a few exceptions to the warranty coverage as it applies to mountain bikes and their components. You can see all of the Trek Care Information here.

Important Note: There are no real big changes in the warranty coverage that comes with the purchase of every Trek bike. Trek Care defines it and brands it clearly and simply. You do need to register your bike, which we can do in store for you. Or have a proof of purchase should you need any of the coverage Trek Care provides.

Of course all of the bicycles purchased from us come with Lifetime Basic Adjustments in addition to the manufactures warranty.

What we are excited about is Trek just launched a new coverage program for their bicycles. Trek Care Plus. There are TrekCareseveral things we love about this new program:

  • Accidental Damage Coverage
  • It covers Wear and Tear
  • It offers you coverage from day one

Trek Care Plus is not included with bicycle purchase but may be purchased with your new Trek bicycle or within 60 days of your purchase giving you three years of coverage. Trek Care Plus offers you wheel-to-wheel coverage that includes:

  • Wheels – spokes, rims, hubs and quick releases
  • Crank – pedals, crank arms, chain rings and bottom bracket
  • Suspension – front and rear components
  • Drive Train – front and rear derailleurs, freewheel/cassette, chain and shifters
  • Brakes – levers, cables and calipers (pads not included)
  • Other – Saddle, seat post, handlebars, stems and headset

All of the Trek Care Plus information is here.

Basically most of your bike is covered accept for tires, tubes and brake pads and regular maintenance. The investment you have made in your bike is substantial and what a great way to protect it. If you have an accident and your bike or one (or more) of the components are damaged, you are covered.  The most exciting area of the coverage is the Wear and Tear Coverage. Components that are the most likely to wear out in that three year period are the chain, cassette and chain rings. Trek Care Plus covers the replacement of these components and the labor to do so. So you have no out of pocket expenses. All you have to do is bring you bicycle to us, we are a participating Trek Care Plus retailer and your proof of purchase and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

A copy of Ernest’s March Arundel Voice article.

Warmer days are right around the corner and by the time you read this we will be enjoying later sunsets thanks to day light savings time.

Last month we talked about all of the great places to ride locally. If you missed it visit my blog for all of my Arundel Voice Articles. If you have a suggestion for an article please let me know. This month I would like to talk about what accessories are going to make your cycling fun and safer.

Helmet – of course. MD Law requires all riders under the age of 16 to wear a helmet. Wearing a bicycle helmet, besides being commonsense, is the brain’s major protection. Today’s helmets are safer than ever. And they are vented, comfortable and light. Federal properties, such as military bases and parks, require cyclists to wear a helmet. Helmets usually last 3 years or so, depending on use and climate. Always replace your helmet after it has sustained an impact.

Bell or Horn – It’s a Maryland law. The human voice does not meet the state requirement. A bell is a friendly way to signal your approach; and do “ring” well before you pass people.

Hydration – You need to stay hydrated while riding. A water bottle and cage is a small investment. Typically drink one bottle for each hour you ride. Water bottles have come a long way, they are easier to drink out of and many are designed to keep your drinker cooler on the hottest of days. Most of today’s bicycles come with mounting points for at least one if not two bottles. Also available are handlebar mounts. This style of mount is ideal for young children. Going long distances? Try a hydration pack. It can carry up to a hundred ounces of fluid while providing additional pouches for other items. Learn more about hydration here.

Photo ID and Emergency Contact Information – If something should happen, who do you want contacted? We recommend a RoadID in a jersey pocket or saddle bag. If something happens, you won’t be alone for long. Or use a luggage tag with pertinent info on it.

Cell Phone – perfect if you need to call someone for help. Most of today’s Smartphone’s have apps that can help you track your training, offer navigation and act as a cycling computer.

Camera – a great way to create memories from your ride to share for years to come. You never know what you will see.

Gloves –Gloves are easier to replace than the skin on your hands. They’re also comfortable.

Fix a Flat Kit –Spare tube, pump, tire levers. Be prepared for when you get a flat tire. Fixing a flat is relatively and with a little practice you’ll be an expert. If you don’t know how to fix a flat contact me and I will be happy to teach you. Even if you don’t know how to fix a flat it is important to carry the equipment you need to do so. That way a fellow cyclist can lend you a hand in your time of need.

Floor Pump – Proper tire inflation before a ride is key to avoiding flat tires. While not a take along item on a ride checking the inflation of your tires prior to the ride will reduce your likely hood of a flat.

These “essential” cycling accessories will make your riding safer and more enjoyable. I look forward to seeing you out on your bikes this year. Safe riding!

Here is a copy of Ernest’s January 2013 Arundel Voice Article

What Is Your Plan to Become Healthier in 2013?

What is it in our life that causes us to wait until the last minute? We seem to want to use every minute to procrastinate to the last possible moment.  Recent examples; our leadership with the “fiscal cliff” or the NHL hockey lock out. I can think of a few things that we really can’t wait to the last minute on, one of them being our health.

I’ve come across some alarming statistic about just how much we procrastinate or don’t take our health as seriously as we should.


  • Nearly 30% of Anne Arundel County residents are obese and another 39% are overweight!
  • In 2005-2006 AA county topped the nation in prevalence of diabetes and high blood pressure!
  • In 2012 AA county obesity rate topped the state average

For me one of the most concerning statistics is that today one-third of children in the U.S. are overweight or obese, more than triple the number 40 years ago. (Bikes Belong)

There are plenty more  statistics, but deep down I think many of us know that we can do more and should do more to improve our health/take care of ourselves.

There is some good news. You can start today and take a small step each day to improve your health. It isn’t hard but you have to start. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends we get a minimum of 150 minutes/week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity for physical health.

Exercising with your family is a great way to motivate each other to get in shape while connecting with them more. There are many ways to get in shape and one of my favorite ways is to ride my bicycle. Cycling is a great low impact aerobic activity. Whether young or old many people have the ability to ride a bicycle. In our area we are very fortunate to have lots of great places to ride.

With a little bit of effort and time the results to your health can be quite great and rewarding.

Three hours of riding per week reduces the risk of heart disease & stroke by 50%. (People for Bikes )That’s just thirty minutes a day six days a week or an hour a day for three days. Women who bike 30+ minutes a day have a lower risk of breast cancer. Adolescents who bicycle are 48% less likely to be overweight as adults. Have you ever thought of riding your bicycle for that errand instead of using your car?

Biking for transportation is listed as the safest way to get physical activity.  Did you know that 49% of trips Americans make are less than 3 miles? 39% are less than 2 miles and 24% are less than 1 mile. How many of your trips could you take by bike? Some ideas might be to ride your bike to school with your children, ride your bike to get the grocery items you forgot or to the hardware store. Need to get your kids to sports practice? Let them warm up by riding their bike with you to practice.

In upcoming articles I will introduce you to some of the many places to ride locally. I will also share with you some of the many things I have learned over my years of riding to help make your riding more fun. So now take some time to plan your riding for 2013 with your family or your friends. Set an obtainable goal that you can measure by either days of riding, (a favorite of skiers) miles of riding, or hours. I have one friend who tracks her athletic activity by the minute across all of her sports.  I wish you and your family a healthy and happy New Year. What is your plan to become healthier in 2013?

Need to find a gift for a cyclist? The bicycle experts at Crofton Bike Doctor are here to help you.

On our web site we have a great page with gift ideas for items under $80. Here we are going to cover some ideas under $80 that aren’t on the list and items over $80. Check with your cyclist to see if they have a Wish List on our site. If they do your shopping just got a whole lot easier. If all else fails we offer Gift Cards in any amount you would like.

Many people think the challenge in gift buying for cyclists is that the cyclists has everything. Many of us do but there are certain things a cyclist can never have enough of. Then there are the things the cyclists’ wants but often won’t treat themselves to. Some of the items fall into both of the categories.

Cyclist Gift Ideas:

We’ll start with a cycling gift that makes a great stocking stuffer or gift, nutrition products. Nutrition products are gels/chewables, bars, drinks and supplements. Single serve nutrition items start at just over a dollar and progress on up from there. These products give the cyclist the energy they need to finish their ride. A cyclist can never have to much nutrition on hand. A favorite of our customers are the Honey Stinger waffles. You can mix and match the flavors and the brands to make your own little care basket of nutrition for the cyclist. My favorite way to gift nutrition is to create a “gift basket” using a water bottle as the “basket”.

Can you ever have to many pairs of socks? Sock technology has come a long way. They are an important element of the cyclist kit because they provide support for your feet and manage moisture. My favorite brand of socks by far is Swift Wick. They are a compression sock that offers unparallelled support and comfort for your feet. Read Ernest’s longer review here.

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Michelle at the Women’s Road Clinic

We had a great time this past weekend at our Women’s Road Clinic!

The clinic was led by Michelle and Britni, and the participants ranged from beginning cyclists to women with multiple years of road riding experience.

The first part of the clinic covered clipless pedals and how they can make a rider safer, more efficient, and more powerful on the bike. Next, the participants learned about shifting and how to choose the appropriate gearing and cadence for a given situation. The last part of the clinic covered group riding etiquette, and then concluded with a demonstration on changing a flat tire.

Thanks to all our customers for coming out! We plan on doing another clinic in the spring and will be doing some women’s specific rides occasionally this fall before the cold sets in. Want to stay abreast of all the fun things happening at the store? Be sure to like us on Facebook or join our e-mail list.

Sorry it has been so long since we posted. We’ve been busy but that is no excuse. Thanks to your generous support over the years we have expanded to serve you better.

On the evening of July 22, we started our move. We spent all day on Monday the 23rd working on the store and finally reopened in our new location early afternoon on the 24th. Our new address is 2616-A Chapel Lake Drive, Gambrills, MD 21054.

We now more space to serve you better.

Our new location to serve you better.

Thank you to the Crofton, Maryland Facebook Page for using this as their profile picture! We are greatly appreciative and humbled by this. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Create Lasting Family Memories

In our lives which seem to get busier by the day the time on the bike allows us to escape, slow down our lives, while regenerating our body and our mind. The bicycle is a wonderful tool, a tool for fitness, a tool for transportation but it is also a great tool for the family.

I remember growing up our family would occasionally ride our bikes through Valley Forge National Park. Valley Forge was so cool because the bike path was rolling and wound around through so many great areas of the park. There was the long hill that was always a challenge to climb and at the top of the hill was a statute of a man riding a horse. (I had to look it up to remind myself that it is the statue of Anthony Wayne) That was also the top of the world’s best sledding hill at least in the opinion of a ten year old. After a hard fought climb I was always rewarded with a fun downhill ride that led off to the next adventure. The trail passes close by some of the cabins that George Washington’s soldiers spent the winter in.  I used to enjoy stopping there and wandering through the cabins imagining what it must have been like for the soldiers back then.  Of course no ride was complete without a stop at the visitor center where I could get some water.  Some of these rides were enjoyed by my Mom, Dad and I some of them were adventures that Mom and I would have.

I remember spending time with my Dad rebuilding the first bike he bought me that had gears from a garage sale, those gears certainly made climbing that hill easier.  While Mom and Dad had the coolest Raleigh 3 Speeds with a Brooks saddle I wasn’t afforded the luxury of a new bike just yet. That would come later as a Christmas Present.

I cherish all of these memories of time spent with the family all because of cycling.

When is the last time you took your family on a bike ride?

A bike ride with the family doesn’t have to be some monumental trip. It can be as simple as a ride around your neighborhood, a longer trip requiring more planning or something in between.  For my family the rides never occurred on a regular basis they just seemed to happen.

Families today are so busy these days running each and every way. A bike ride can become the time that everyone looks forward to, a time to catch up with each other, get outside to enjoy the great outdoors with an added side bonus of some fitness.