by Ernest Freeland

Creating a bicycle maintenance schedule and following it for your bicycle is a simple way to ensure you have miles and miles of hassle free riding enjoyment. Regular and preventive maintenance will increase the life of your bicycle and its components. Bicycle maintenance shouldn’t be a scary thing. As you learn to maintain your bicycle you’ll gain confidence in your skills.  Certain areas of maintenance may bring you greater enjoyment then others.

The key to success with bicycle maintenance is to get into a routine. With your routine you’ll ensure that everything that needs to be inspected and worked on is done on a regular basis or schedule. There are things that should be done prior to every ride. Then there are maintenance items that should be done monthly, ever six months and annually.  Please visit our Bicycle Maintenance Chart which is a great reference, print it out and post it near your work space. What follows is a little more in depth coverage of what the Bicycle Maintenance Chart covers.

A skill that any home bicycle mechanic can master is that of cleaning a bicycle. Keeping a clean bicycle just makes your bicycle more fun to ride. One of the important things about your cleaning routine is that this is the perfect time to be looking for needed areas of maintenance. During cleaning you should inspect all of the bicycle components and frame for potential problems. As with all service much of it will depend on how often you ride, how long you ride and in what conditions you ride in. Depending on all of these factors you may clean your bike after every ride, weekly or monthly. For more information on the proper way to clean your bicycle visit this article.

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