You consider your season a success, done the rides, the miles and are enjoying your fitness level. The early season rides that once were a struggle you now complete with ease. Then something happens totally out of your control, the lights get turned off much earlier than normal and the thermostat gets turned down outside. Don’t you just love Daylight Savings Time and the arrival of fall? Getting in that ride is now more of a challenge. If you are like many you simply put the bike away and wait for spring.

Big mistake!

That is a mistake many cyclists make. It is like hitting the reset button on your fitness. It takes a lot of work to develop your fitness and it quickly disappears when you stop riding. When you get back out on your bike those rides will be challenging again. Why go through that every year when all it takes is a little work in the offseason?

By maintaining a workout schedule, even if smaller you will retain some of the fitness you worked so hard for this season. The good news is it is easier than ever to do so. If you prefer to ride outside, the clothing technology is amazing and staying warm is easier than ever. Indoor trainers are the perfect tool for helping you maintain your fitness during the off season. Using the trainer a few times a week will position you well for those spring rides.

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