For 2015 we have some exciting things planned to keep you cycling comfortably as possible. I am excited to announce that a few of them are beginning to be implemented in the store but not yet fully “rolled out”.

I can’t think of many more important contact points on the bike, then the saddle. Hands and feet are important contact points but we certainly have more conversations around the saddle than any other area on the bike. Over the years there has been a lot of development and researched focused in this area with great advancements in the last several years.

For 2015 we will be carrying Assos cycling apparel. I own a few pieces of Assos and I can tell you that it fits like a second skin when you wear it. I have never worn a better pair of cycling shorts in my life. In fact I credit the Assos shorts for making me a clothing snob when it comes to cycling apparel. A lot of little details add up to really set their clothing apart. They focus on making sure the clothing stays where you want it to, in doing so their strap design on bibs don’t keep them stationary and bunch free which is really refreshing. Durability is a great characteristic of Assos products, they design their shorts to be five season shorts where many other shorts are only lasting a year or two. A little known fact about Assos is many cyclists in the pro ranks send their team kit shorts to Assos to have the chamois removed and an Assos chamois hand stitched in. All of Assos chamois are hand sewn into the shorts. With the latest redesign of their shorts Assos has increased the breathability, reduced the volume, offers less genital pressure and the modified the design allowing for less friction through fewer seams. Assos has long been a leader in cycling apparel and we are proud to carry their products. I’m looking forward to adding more Assos to my cycling wardrobe.

Lots of shorts vary pad size based on short size. In fact to be a player in the market and offer a quality product you need that. Endura has taken that a step farther, they now offer three different pad sizes per short size. Pad size is no longer tied to short size. Just as you select your saddle size based on your bodies anatomical needs you can now do the same with your cycling shorts. Additionally they offer two length shorts, a regular and a long. This makes perfect sense to me and I am super excited to try out the FS260-Pro SL Bibshort. To help you select the proper size pad for your riding needs they have come out with a cool little chart:

Endura FS260 Pad Fit


Sorry this image is so poor, we are working on a better one, only get worse when you enlarge it.

This is an advancement in clothing fit and design that I think could really be a game changer in comfort for the cyclist. Assos has another innovation that will be available spring time and I am excited to try it out. Once I have more of an opportunity for saddle time I will be back with a more thorough review versus an overview. As always thank you for reading.