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Do you become overwhelmed when you have to find a gift for that certain someone? Especially a cyclist. We’ve got you covered with our Cycling Gift Guide and are here to assist you.

Cycling Gift Guide FB PostGift buying for the cyclist should never be a challenge. There are certain things a cyclist can never have enough of. Then there are the things the cyclists’ wants but often won’t treat themselves to. In many cases they simply aren’t aware of what they are missing by not having the item.  How riding is much more enjoyable or getting to the trail is made easier. Some of the gift items fall into multiple categories.

Having the right accessories can make all the difference in riding enjoyment.

Cyclists can be defined in many ways for simplicity we broke them into three groups and included a category for small gifts such as stocking stuffers’ office gifts or those for friends.

Beginner Cyclist – BC

Every cyclist should have these Essential Accessories – A person who is just getting started. Maybe they recently bought a bike or are getting back into it. The right accessories can really increase the cycling enjoyment

Frequent Cyclist – FC

A person who’s cycling is a regular activity for them. Riding a few times a week or several times a month. Might do an organized ride or two in a season.

Cyclist Who Has Everything- CE

This is the cyclist who rides several times a week and it is a big part of their life. If you have a cyclist friend you’ll know if they fit this category.

Stocking Stuffers Small Gifts – SS

When you need a gift for a cyclist but don’t want to spend a lot.

Gift Guide

Some items may show up in multiple groups. Certain items you can never have to many of.

Beginner Cyclist

BC – Helmet – Need we say more? It’s a law for children under 16 years old in Maryland. Helmets should be replaced every 3 – 5 years. PRICE RANGE: $40 – $200   Learn more about helmets

BC – Bell or Horn – In Maryland it is a law that you have a bell or horn on your bike. Many will say that your voice counts, but it doesn’t meet the requirement of the law. A bell is such an easy way to let people know you are approaching them.  PRICE RANGE: $7 – $20

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Need to find a gift for a cyclist? The bicycle experts at Crofton Bike Doctor are here to help you.

On our web site we have a great page with gift ideas for items under $80. Here we are going to cover some ideas under $80 that aren’t on the list and items over $80. Check with your cyclist to see if they have a Wish List on our site. If they do your shopping just got a whole lot easier. If all else fails we offer Gift Cards in any amount you would like.

Many people think the challenge in gift buying for cyclists is that the cyclists has everything. Many of us do but there are certain things a cyclist can never have enough of. Then there are the things the cyclists’ wants but often won’t treat themselves to. Some of the items fall into both of the categories.

Cyclist Gift Ideas:

We’ll start with a cycling gift that makes a great stocking stuffer or gift, nutrition products. Nutrition products are gels/chewables, bars, drinks and supplements. Single serve nutrition items start at just over a dollar and progress on up from there. These products give the cyclist the energy they need to finish their ride. A cyclist can never have to much nutrition on hand. A favorite of our customers are the Honey Stinger waffles. You can mix and match the flavors and the brands to make your own little care basket of nutrition for the cyclist. My favorite way to gift nutrition is to create a “gift basket” using a water bottle as the “basket”.

Can you ever have to many pairs of socks? Sock technology has come a long way. They are an important element of the cyclist kit because they provide support for your feet and manage moisture. My favorite brand of socks by far is Swift Wick. They are a compression sock that offers unparallelled support and comfort for your feet. Read Ernest’s longer review here.

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