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by Ernest Freeland

This is the second part of Why Purchase from your Local Bike Shop

In the previous post we outlined reasons to purchase from and support your local bike shop. In this post we are adding some details.

  1. The Right Fit: Every bike that rolls out of Crofton Bike Doctor has a frame and component group that is anatomically proportioned to its rider’s size and intended use. We then make sure to adjust the bicycle to properly fit the rider. Next we show you how to use and operate your new bicycle.
  2. Ride Before You Buy: Ride a few different models to help you pick the perfect bike, either outside or on our indoor riding station.
  3. Selection: We do the research so you don’t have to. To make it on our showroom we have reviewed the options available and selected the best products to offer our customers. We’ve narrowed it down to a few options making your decision easier.
  4. Trained Sales People: We love to ride and our team is trained to help you select the perfect bike for your riding styling. We’ll show you the different options and explain the features and benefits to you. We will ensure you are selecting the proper size and fit for your new bicycle. Then demonstrate and install any accessories you may want to personalize your new bicycle.
  5. Professionally Assembled: Our bikes are delivered professionally assembled and ready to ride. Each bicycle goes through our assembly by a trained bicycle mechanic. Our mechanics love to work on bikes and it shows.
  6. Free Lifetime Tune-Ups: For as long as you own your Crofton Bike Doctor bike, our Lifetime Free Adjustment Program will make sure the fundamental systems of your bike are operating properly.   If you feel your bike is not working right, just call for our Tech Center.  We will answer your questions or schedule an appointment for your bike.
  7. Quality Accessories: We’ve offer great accessories that will make your riding safer and more enjoyable. These accessories are ready to stand up to the challenge you will bring them.
  8. Extended Test Ride: We want you to be riding the perfect bike for your cycling needs. We believe our pre sale support helps you select the perfect bike but just in case we offer an Extended Test Ride. Ride your bike for 30-days and if it is not perfect bring it back and we will exchange it for a different bicycle.
  9. Warranties: All our bicycles come with a lifetime warranty that covers the frame and a warranty covering the components. If you ever have an issue please bring us the bike and we’ll take care of the rest.
  10. We LOVE to RIDE!: We love to ride and there is nothing more we enjoy doing then sharing our love of cycling with you!

by Ernest Freeland

Part One

Today you have many options of where to purchase your new bicycle but the local bike shop is still the clear choice.

The bicycle is not something that you just pull out of the box and it is ready to go, like your new baseball bat or soccer ball. A lot of human input is needed to perfect your ride, first it needs to be assembled and then fit to its rider. A properly fit bike is like your favorite pair of shoes, you can wear them all day, so in the case of your bicycle you can ride it all day. To many people have memories of bicycle riding that wasn’t comfortable. With the help of your local bike shop that doesn’t have to be the case.

Your local bike shop is full of people who love bikes and love to ride bikes and they bring that passion to work with them every day. They will discuss your cycling goals, needs, your riding style any injuries you may have. With that information they will help you select the perfect bicycle for you. Once you have picked out our new bike the local bike shop (LBS for short) will perform a very important step, fitting you and your bicycle to each other.

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