Lets face it the best part of riding is riding with friends. The next best thing about riding is riding with friends in new places. We strive to help you find great places to ride. Below is a review of organized rides one of our customers did for 2013. If you need help in finding our selecting rides please let us know, we would love to help. We also welcome your feedback.

Note – The opinions expressed below are that of the writer and have not been edited or modified by us.


My review of organized bike events for 2013

For the bike season of 2013, I had a tremendous opportunity to experience a large number of organized bicycle events. Here is my review of those event.

Let’s start with my favorites:

Seagull Century, October 5- Salisbury, MD: the Super Bowl of Chesapeake region riding. 100 miles for me. Very well organized, over 7,000 participants, 25 years, so they know what they are doing. Typical bike ride food with a pie and ice cream stop on the last stop. Terrain is very flat but usually it is windy. Very Scenic, but I did the Snow Hill route, not Assateague. Routes of 62 and 100 miles are available. Also most stops have live music. Fee around $60. 5th year I have done this one.

Ride for Hunger, Calvert County April 27- Huntingtown, MD: 62 miles to raise money to fight hunger in Calvert County. Extremely well run, top quality food throughout, participants around 1,000. Terrain is gently rolling but a good amount of climbing. Very scenic featuring views of farmland, the Bay, a marina and lots of diverse types of trees. Multiple distances from 10 to 62 are available. Fee around $50. 1st year I have participated.

Cap to Cap, May 11- Richmond or Williamsburg VA: 100 miles to raise money for the bike/walking trail being built between Williamsburg and Richmond, VA. Very well run, good food, good level of participation at around 1,500 bikers. Terrain is mostly flat a few very gentle climbs. Actually get to see some true American history and the trail is about 35% complete. Fee around $50-75. 2013 was my first participation.

Six Pillars, May 4, Cambridge, MD: Very scenic, good support, food good on ride, wonderful at end of ride featuring many healthy options. Multiple loops thru Blackwater Nature Refuge, lots of nature, water, birds, likely to see Bald Eagle. Multiple distances from 11, 37 56 and 100 miles. Fee of $50 goes to supports Character Counts that helps 8,000 kids in local market. 4th year of doing this event, never disappoints.

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