This December to March get out of the basement and add some excitement to your riding. We are hosting a series of Virtual Stage Races.  We’ve loaded our Cycle Ops Power Beam Pro with four stage races.  Each race will consist of four stages. Something for every type rider. Entry fees will be returned as prizes and a Podium Night Party. We’re not in this for the money but for the fun of it. It’s winter. It’s our down time. This will liven things up.  A lot.  We hope you’ll join us.

Enter with a pseudonym, such as Slick Rick the Ruler. Riders to be divided by category: women, men, etc.

How It Works:  Schedule a time to come ride the stages. Each stage will be 30 – 45 minutes in length. You can warm up and finish the course in an hour.

Format: Each Tour has four stages:

1) Time Trial,  2) Rolling Terrain,  3) Rolling with a larger climb, and 4) Hill Climb TT

Each stage will be available Monday to Sunday. The following Monday we post results. You can ride the stage once anytime during the week.

Stage Race Dates:

Stage Race One – December 2 – 30, 2013Stage One: Dec 2 – Dec 8Stage Two: Dec 9 – 15Stage Three: Dec 16 – 22

Stage Four: Dec 23 – 30th


Stage Race Three – February 3 – March 2Stage One: Feb 3 – 9Stage Two: Feb 10 – 16Stage Three: Feb 17 – 23

Stage Four: Feb 24 – March 2


Stage Race Two – January 6 – February 2Stage One: Jan 6 – 12Stage Two: Jan 13 – 19Stage Three: Jan 20 – 26

Stage Four: Jan 27 – Feb 2

Stage Race Four – January 20 – February 16Stage One: Jan 20 – 26Stage Two: Jan 27 – Feb 2Stage Three: Feb 3 – 9

Stage Four: Feb 10 – 16


Races will have a theme, such as a Spring Classic, Tour of California, Tour de France or Giro. One race will include famous or infamous local roads, such as Ilchester, in Ellicott City.

Scoring: Each rider receives a point for entering and a point for each person they beat. If you place 1st of 15 riders, you receive 15 points. Second place, 14 pts, etc. At the end of each race, the entrant with the most points wins.

Prizes and Fees: To make this interesting we’ll charge a nominal fee: $5 per stage or $15 for one entire four-stage race.  $50 for all four complete races. Prizes could be substantial. It depends on how many people brave the Power Beam Pro!

Final Event: We will have a party during the last week for all who have participated in the stages. During this time we will have wattage per pound challenge and the top four overall point earners will go head to head to determine the overall podium places.  1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3. Winners square off.

Visit our web-site to register.