This is the last in our series of places to ride for families, couples and road cycling.

We all love to ride with our families, partners and many of us enjoy road riding. All of these recommendations are based on personal rides from the staff. These recommendations have been made to riders just like yourself and have received lots of positive feedback.

Of course all of us in the store love to learn what your riding needs and preferences are and then we can make recommendations based on your needs and riding preferences. Just come on by.

I hope you enjoy these rides. Let us know what you think and what other rides are your favorite.

When thinking road rides we are thinking about rides that are geared towards road bikes but would certainly be appropriate for fitness bike cyclists that want longer rides.

There are so many great places to ride road bikes in our area.

No matter which direction you want to head you can build a ride using roads that motorist are used to seeing people on.

South County down to North Beach and Chesapeake Beach

When talking to local road cyclists you’ll find that most enjoy riding in South County. With all of the side roads in southern Anne Arundel County you can generally have routes that are not full of cars. Many of these roads are narrower and lack wide shoulders or any shoulders. Roads like RT 2 and Muddy Creek offer generous shoulders in many areas.Lots of cyclists ride in this area and I have always felt that if you hang out at popular stopping points for cyclists in South County that you will meet every cyclists in the Washington DC Metro area.

Popular destinations in South County are Deale, North Beach, Chesapeake Beach, and Rose Haven. Chesapeake Market and Deli is a popular stopping point in Rose Haven and if you want to make a weekend out of it check out the Inn at Herrington Harbour. Sweet Sue’s Bake Shop and Coffee Shop is cyclist friendly and a frequent destination in North Beach. The Chesapeake Beach area as places for the cyclist to refuel whether they are heading south to the famous rollers or beginning to work their way back north.
Lots of groups ride in this area the Annapolis Bicycle Club has some popular routes with Cue Sheets on their website here.

If you’re looking for a more tailored route swing by the shop and I can help you plan a great route.

If you’re a road cyclist you’ll definitely want to explore the great cycling that South County offers.

Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore is full of great places to explore on your bike. People enjoy the flat roads and low volume of cars that are the norm.
One popular route for cyclists and triathletes is the EagleMan Ironman bike course. The route starts in Great Marsh Park in Cambridge and is a 56 mile loop with 700 feet of elevation change. You can find a route for this on one of ride programs like Strava, Map My Ride or Ride with GPS. A quick Google search will provide a bunch of resources. A Cue Sheet is linked below.
The Six Pillars century route is also a very popular with 37, 56 (the EagleMan Route) and 100 mile routes. Here are the Cue Sheets for all three of these routes from the 6Pillars site.

Talking about rides on the Eastern Shore wouldn’t be complete without talking about the rides in and around St. Michaels. Check out our discussion on these rides in our blogs about rides for couples.

Want a long day that is car free? A local option and a great day trip option.

The local option is the B&A Trail and BWI Trail all in one shot. The B&A Trail is 13.3 miles and the BWI Trail is 12 miles. If you ride the entire length that means you’ve had 38.6 miles of car free riding. Along the way there are plenty of places to grab food and drinks to refuel.

Parking options are plenty, popular ones would be the Thomas Dixon Overlook by the BWI Trail. The B&A Trail Ranger station off Earleigh Heights Road and the Trail Head Parking by Annapolis right where RT50 and 450 intersect. You’ll use Boulters Way to get to the Trailhead.

W&OD Trail

At 44.7 miles in length you can have a long day of car free riding. The W&OD Trail is in Virginia and the trail head on the east is in Shirlington in Arlington County and the west end is in Purcellville in Loudoun County. This follows the Washington & Old Dominion Regional Rail line. If you are looking for more distance you can tie into the Mount Vernon Trail among others for more car free riding.

Want to mix it up some. Use the W&OD and hop off it to head to White’s Ferry. Here you can cross over to the C&O Canal and have a gravel ride back into DC. If you don’t want to do all gravel you can cross onto the Capital Crescent Trail for more pavement.

Both of these trails can get busy, especially on the weekends. The B&A Trail seems to be the most congested in the Severna Park area if you are going to come across congestion. The W&OD seems to ebb and flow depending on where you start.